Hello!Yes! It’s Me!!!

I cannot believe it’s finally here. A blog. My blog… what?! I’m legit in my make shift pj’s and under the covers with a very loud sighing dog beside me. I’m staring at the screen trying to understand wtf I am doing here. I kid.. mostly. I have been a writer most of my life. I have journaled and written poetry from a very young age. Once I got into reading I knew I wanted to write epic stories as well. As is typical, life got in the way and I haven’t written much of anything up until the last two years. I was forced to face some unpleasant things and reminded of how much I value the beautiful things.

I was walking on a beach in Mexico recently, absolutely exhausted from travel and the sun. I of course got to the sand and took my shoes off and dug my toes in. There is not much in this life that I would compare to that feeling. The smell of the ocean and the breeze is so much more than ” nice” it is LIFE. I could cry when I think about it and I most certainly had a few tears fall that night. I have always been happiest by the water. Lakes, rivers, and oceans all have the same effect on me. I am relaxed, renewed, and in awe of nature all simultaneously. I tell you all of this because I understand that we all have our thing. We all have that thing that makes us completely happy. We all have to seek out those things. Chase them even. Writing has been where I was able to speak freely. Writing was where the awful moments of my life became a little less awful knowing that maybe someone would read them and know they weren’t alone. Writing takes me away from this life that has been less than perfect and holds me someplace safe.

“He calls me bird ” is the truth of it. I married a man who decided pretty quickly who I was and accepted me in my broken pieces. I was born in Florida, but raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia – so I am a dirty bird Atlanta Falcons fan. I also grew up in the most sarcastic of families – there was a dirty joke for everything – again dirty bird.

I hope you’ll stick around and hopefully we will both learn something from this adventure that started when I was a kid. Stories were meant to be shared not kept. So share mine I will..


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